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Ski School

Ski School


Munakas Ski School - your launching pad to the Alps!

Be sure to read the information below, it will help you make the right choice when making a reservation.

Munakas offers excellent conditions for ski school and training. Beginners can start practicing on the gentle beginners slope, progressing to the main slope as their skills develop. Advanced and expert skiers can refine their skills on the black-marked Sportnõlv.

For advanced skiers, Munaka offers challenging slopes marked in red, matching similars red level slopes in the Alps. Those who can handle these slopes, can be confident in tackling runs at most major ski resorts.



Munaka Ski School Price List

1 person, private lesson from 5 years old, alpine skiing or snowboarding
50  €
1 person, private lesson, from 5 years old, alpine skiing or snowboarding
90  €
Group lesson for 2–3 people, advanced level, starting from 8 years old, price per person, alpine skiing or snowboarding
40  €
4–6 people group lesson, starting from 8 years old, price per person, alpine skiing or snowboarding.
50 min 
35  €
Equipment rental during the training session (up to 12 years old).
5  €
Group lessons for 7 or more people.
Please send your inquiry to the ski school's email. 
By agreement 

Q & A

Is the lift ticket included in the price​

All ski school lesson participants need an Axess system chip card - if necessary, it can be purchased on-site for €6. If the lesson takes place on the training slope, the card will be loaded with free ride time for the duration of the lesson. If the student has progressed beyond the training slope, an additional main slope lift ticket must be purchased - the price is according to the center's price list.

Which lesson to book?
Who is group lessons suitable for?
Equipment Information
How long should the lesson be?
Teaching young children (3+)


  • Ski School will provide study according to the service specifically ordered
  • Individual training means teaching one person.
  • The minimum age for alpine skiing instruction is 5 years, for snowboarding, it's 7 years.
  • For information about teaching young children, please refer to our Q&A section.
  • Group lessons are only provided for students over 8 years old. Advanced group lessons are provided under the condition that the students' level is similar, and the student can ski down the training slope in a wedge and execute a wedge turn without problems.
  • An instructor may make exceptions and change the nature of the ordered service if they are convinced that the students are capable. The instructor makes this decision solely.
  • In case of prior agreement to change the service with the client, the client must pay if the service becomes more expensive.
  • The instructor waits for the client at the location specified in the order letter, which is in front of the Ski School building marked with MEETING POINT.
  • The Ski School does not serve intoxicated clients.
  • The Ski School and the instructor do not book equipment. Also, they do not deal with organizing the client's equipment or solving technical problems with the equipment. This is handled by the rental point in the case of center rental equipment.

For bookings of larger groups and special solutions: SUUSAKOOL@KUUTSEMAE.EE

Attention! The status of the instructors' schedules changes online in real-time. If there are no available times displayed at the moment, please try again after some time!

Ski School instructors have the right to give instructions in the lift queue and to lift users to comply with the rules of ski resorts.

Ski School instructors and students participating in the lesson have the right to use the lift with priority.

So, as the old saying goes: "Before you go to Paris, visit Nuustaku," is entirely true.

At Munakas, you don't have to limit yourself to training on red slopes. For those who want to progress and are serious about it, we offer the "Black Slope Special" because there is a real black slope here too.

Anyone who can handle skiing down the slopes at Munakas can do it anywhere else!


Sunday 14. July
25.7°C / 15.7°C
Monday 15. July
26.2°C / 12.6°C
Tuesday 16. July
26.9°C / 13.9°C