Bike park rules

Bike park rules

Bike park rules

Warning: Mountain biking is an extreme sport that can involve serious injuries or even death!

To ensure safety, always follow the rules:

  • Check and ensure that your equipment is in good condition and suitable for downhill riding. Wearing a helmet is mandatory. Other protective gear (elbow and knee pads, upper body protection, and neck support) is recommended.
  • Choose a trail and riding speed according to your abilities. Familiarize yourself with the trails cautiously, calmly, and at a slow pace. Use alternative routes or safer trails if necessary.
  • Overtaking other cyclists on the trail is prohibited. Cyclists coming from above or from behind must always yield the right of way and maintain a safe distance.
  • Stay on the trail; do not alter or cut it.
  • If you need to stop, do so only in places where you can be easily seen. Uphill movement on the trail is prohibited.
  • Be considerate of yourself and others!
  • Mountain biking under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited.
  • The use of services at Munaka Bike Park is at the visitor's own risk. The center ensures that the cable car and rental equipment are safe, maintained, and inspected according to legal requirements.
  • Everyone is obliged to assist an accident victim. Notify the center's staff immediately in the event of an accident.
  • Always follow posted signs and instructions provided by staff. Staff members have the right and duty to revoke the lift pass from individuals who do not comply with the rules.



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