Story of Munakas

Story of Munakas

Ready for adventures? — Munakas invites you.

Munakas begins where boredom ends. It doesn't mean we think you're usually bored. No-no! We know how you race through moments and challenge every day. But sometimes, there's a feeling that the 'been there, done that' stack is growing so fast that if you continue at the same pace, you'll have experienced the whole world in the next ten years!

If you fear anything at all, it's routine. The mundane weekdays and yesterday's news. We have news for you: There are no yesterday's descents or ascents at Munakas. Every ride is new. Every turn is a new opportunity to show the world (or at least your companions?) that you can reach speeds on Estonian hills that others chase on big mountains. The question is in you, not the mountain!

And it doesn't matter if you come here with your best friends or bring only your shadow along. Connections are made at Munakas at lightning speed. There are no strangers. There are only those you haven't had a chance to talk to yet.

Munakas is an adventure center where experiences don't depend on the season or weather. And when adrenaline skyrockets from other experiences, a true taste adventure begins at Munaka's restaurant. We know that time is measured not in years but in adventures.

Munakas — For the sake of fun.


Sunday 14. July
25.7°C / 15.7°C
Monday 15. July
26.2°C / 12.6°C
Tuesday 16. July
26.9°C / 13.9°C