Since 1947

V-Munamägi is Estonia's oldest ski resort. It is said that in 1947, the first trees were cut down near the current location of the "old sports field," and skiing down the hill for the first time took place. This is an honorable age that most of today's well-known ski resorts cannot boast of.

According to Wikipedia, the first ski club was established in Australia in 1861. It is believed that the oldest ski resort is Chamonix, which has been in operation since 1908. The Finns argue whether the first was Kauniaine in 1933-34 or Kalpalinna in 1939.

The ski resort boom in the world only started in the 1960s.

Such a long history includes ups and downs.

For Munaka's current team, passing on the honor of alpine skiing in Estonia is a privilege. We reinvest every euro from the sale of lift tickets back into the mountain. We will continue to do so until V-Munamägi becomes a symbol and a source of pride for Estonia once again.

Come and contribute at the Munaka ticket counter!

From Skiers, for Skiers.

Most of our staff have a background in alpine skiing or snowboarding. Competitive experience ranges from local competitions to World Cup victories. We have skied and snowboarded in most of the world's famous ski resorts and have been on study trips to operate ski resorts, including resorts in the USA and Canada, such as Whistler, Blackcomb, Vail, Beaver Creek, Deer Valley, Park City, and more.

We hope to know what visitors expect from a ski resort and pay attention to the details. Today, Munaka's new team is only in its second season, and everything is far from perfect, but we won't stop until perfection is achieved.

Perfectly Groomed Slopes...

...are Munaka's priority. We work around the clock, if necessary, to ensure the best slopes, providing the highest level of safety and riding pleasure. We continually invest in mountain technology and continue to improve the snowmaking system with the goal of achieving an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solution.

Munaka is Close By

One minute from Otepää, 30 minutes from Tartu. Even closer to Riga than Tallinn.

No Queues at Munaka

Today, the 4-person chairlift is the most modern and innovative in Estonia. It has already become a favorite due to its comfort. If necessary, we limit ticket sales to ensure that all visitors have a comfortable and safe experience.

Open Late

Munaka is open 7 days a week, until 8:00 PM (until 6:00 PM on Sundays), combined with the aforementioned proximity, provides a great opportunity for skiing and snowboarding on workdays. During the peak season, the mountain stays open until 10:00 PM on Friday evenings (NB! Opening hours may change. Check our homepage for the latest information!), allowing those coming from afar to get an early start on the weekend.


Munakas is Sporty

The relative height difference of 73 meters is the highest in the region.

The downhill slopes correspond to the alpine red and black criteria in terms of difficulty.

The slopes offer skiing enjoyment for both athletes and challenges and opportunities for beginners.

A la Carte Learning Slope

For children and the young at heart. If the sporty and steep slopes from below might intimidate skiers or snowboarders with less experience, a good alternative for both children and adults is our gentle and beginner-friendly conveyor belt lift on the learning slope. Those who find the main slopes too challenging can learn the basics of skiing and snowboarding on the learning slope.

Munaka Ski and Snowboard School – a Gateway to the Alps.

Experienced instructors guarantee rapid progress for both beginners and advanced skiers.

Two Mountains, One Ticket

Munakas and Kuutsemäe together form the largest ski resort in the Baltics: 12 illuminated slopes, 10 lifts, 3 km of illuminated trails, 2 snow parks, and an SBX track.

Day and season tickets are valid in both centers. All of this is to offer visitors more diverse mountain sports experiences.

Munakas is a Full-Service Ski Resort

In addition to sports facilities, Munakas has Munaka Resto, rentals, ski maintenance, various events, and competitions.

We offer accommodation in collaboration with local accommodation providers. We recommend accommodation establishments that are the best in terms of price, service, and location for visiting Munaka.

Munakas is Always Evolving

Munakas is like Tallinn; it is never finished. Every new season, we develop something new, and surprises await visitors during the season as well. For the 2019/2020 season, a modern and unique 4-person chairlift was completed in Estonia. The new main building was completed for the 2021/2022 season, housing the cozy Munaka Resto, a modern ski rental in winter, and a Bike Park and e-bike rental in summer. In addition, the main building has a seminar room and a sauna complex.

Customer wishes are our command. All suggestions are welcome, and we give 110% to make the center as visitor-friendly as possible.


Sunday 14. July
25.2°C / 14.8°C
Monday 15. July
25.8°C / 12.4°C
Tuesday 16. July
27°C / 13.7°C